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Postby Daesania » Tue May 20, 2008 6:01 am

I just realized that my bday is the same day as the Swedish National Holiday.

It was also D day in WW2 (although I knew that one)

in 1969 The first Internet connection was created when network control protocol packets were sent from the data port of one IMP to another.

and its also memorial day in south korea.

oh, and in 2006, my bday was 6/6/6

wikipedia ftw.
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Postby Phatal » Tue May 20, 2008 7:04 pm

8th February Events-

421 - Constantius III becomes co-Emperor of the Western Roman Empire.
1575 - Universiteit Leiden founded, and given the motto "Praesidium Libertatis".
1587 - Mary, Queen of Scots was executed at suspicion of having been involved in the Babington Plot to murder her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England.
1601 - Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, rebels against Elizabeth I of England - revolt is quickly crushed.
1622 - King James I of England disbands the English Parliament.
1692 - A doctor in Salem Village, Massachusetts Bay Colony suggests that two girls in the family of the village minister may be suffering from bewitchment, leading to the Salem witch trials.
1693 - The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia is granted a charter by King William III and Queen Mary II.
1726 - The Supreme Privy Council is established in Russia.
1807 - Battle of Eylau - Napoleon defeats Russians under General Benigssen.
1817 - Las Heras crosses the Andes with an army to join San Martín and liberate Chile from Spain.
1837 - Richard Johnson becomes the first Vice President of the United States chosen by the United States Senate.
1849 - New Roman Republic established.
1855 - The Devil's Footprints mysteriously appear in southern Devon.
1865 - In the U.S., Delaware voters reject the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and vote to continue the practice of slavery. (Delaware finally ratifies the amendment on February 12, 1901.)
1867 - The Ausgleich results in the establishment of the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary.
1879 - Sandford Fleming first proposes adoption of Universal Standard Time at a meeting of the Royal Canadian Institute.
1887 - The Dawes Act authorized the President of the United States to survey Native American tribal land and divide it into individual allotments.
1900 - British troops are defeated by Boers at Ladysmith, South Africa.
1904 - Battle of Port Arthur: A surprise torpedo attack by the Japanese at Port Arthur, China starts the Russo-Japanese War.
1910 - The Boy Scouts of America is incorporated by William D. Boyce.
1915 - D.W. Griffith's controversial film The Birth of a Nation premieres in Los Angeles.
1918 - The Stars and Stripes newspaper publishes for the first time.
1922 - President Warren G. Harding introduces the first radio in the White House.
1924 - Capital punishment: The first state execution using gas in the United States takes place in Nevada.
1943 - World War II: Battle of Guadalcanal ends after the Japanese Imperial Army evacuated their remaining forces with a United States victory.
1949 - Cardinal Mindszenty of Hungary sentenced for treason.
1952 - Elizabeth II is proclaimed Queen of the UK.
1955 - The Government of Sindh abolished Jagirdari system in the province. One million acres (4000 km²) of land thus acquired is to be distributed among the landless peasants.
1960 - Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom issued an Order-in-Council, stating that she and her family would be known as the House of Windsor, and that her descendants will take the name "Mountbatten-Windsor".
1962 - Charonne massacre. 9 trade unionists are killed by French police at the instigation of Nazi collaborator Maurice Papon, then chief of the Paris Prefecture of Police.
1963 - Travel, financial and commercial transactions by United States citizens to Cuba are made illegal by the John F. Kennedy administration.
1968 - American civil rights movement: The Orangeburg massacre, a mass killing in Orangeburg, South Carolina of black students from South Carolina State University who were protesting segregation at the town's only bowling alley.
1969 - Allende meteorite falls near Pueblito de Allende, Chihuahua, Mexico.
1971 - The Nasdaq stock market index debuts.
1974 - After 84 days in space, the crew of the first American space station Skylab return to Earth.
1974 - Military coup in Upper Volta.
1978 - Proceedings of the United States Senate are broadcast on radio for the first time.
1979 - Denis Sassou-Nguesso became the President of the Republic of the Congo for the first time.
1983 - The Melbourne dust storm hits Australia's second largest city. The result of the worst drought on record and a day of severe weather conditions, the 320m deep dust cloud envelops the city, turning day to night.
1986 - 1984 Summer Olympics head of the LAPD bomb squad, Arleigh McCree, and his partner Officer Ronald Ball of the Firearms and explosives unit were killed while trying to dismantle two pipe bombs when they responded to a call. McCree was recognized as one of the top explosive experts in the world.
1989 - An Independent Air Boeing 707 crashes into Santa Maria mountain in Azores Islands off the coast of Portugal, killing 144.
1993 - General Motors sues NBC after Dateline NBC allegedly rigs two crashes intended to demonstrate that some GM pickups can easily catch fire if hit in certain places. NBC settles the lawsuit the next day.
1996 - The U.S. Congress passes the Communications Decency Act.
1996 - The massive Internet collaboration "24 Hours in Cyberspace" takes place.
1998 - First female ice hockey game in Olympic history: Finland beats Sweden 6-0.
2005 - Israel and Palestinians agree to cease-fire.
2008 - Nebraska bans electric chair as sole execution method.
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Postby Ballroque » Tue May 20, 2008 7:05 pm

my birthday history events

* 164 BC - Judas Maccabaeus, son of Mattathias of the Hasmonean family, restores the Temple in Jerusalem. Events commemorated each year by the festival of Hanukkah.
* 1272 - Following Henry III of England's death on November 16, his son Prince Edward becomes King of England.
* 1620 - Plymouth Colony settlers sign the Mayflower Compact (November 11, O.S.).
* 1783 - In Paris, Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent, Marquis d'Arlandes, make the first untethered hot air balloon flight.
* 1789 - North Carolina ratifies the United States Constitution and is admitted as the 12th U.S. state.
* 1791 - Colonel Napoléon Bonaparte is promoted to full general and appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the French Republic.
* 1861 - American Civil War: Confederate President Jefferson Davis appoints Judah Benjamin secretary of war.
* 1877 - Thomas Edison announces his invention of the phonograph, a machine that can record and play sound.
* 1894 - Port Arthur massacre: Port Arthur, Manchuria falls to the Japanese, a decisive victory of the First Sino-Japanese War.
* 1905 - Albert Einstein's paper, "Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?", is published in the journal "Annalen der Physik". This paper reveals the relationship between energy and mass. This leads to the mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc².
* 1916 - HMHS Britannic sinks in the Aegean Sea after a mine explodes, killing 30 people.
* 1920 - Bloody Sunday during the Anglo-Irish War.
* 1922 - Rebecca Latimer Felton of Georgia takes the oath of office, becoming the first female United States Senator.
* 1927 - Columbine Mine Massacre: Striking coal miners were allegedly attacked with machine guns by a detachment of state police dressed in civilian clothes.
* 1942 - The completion of the Alaska Highway (also known as the Alcan Highway) is celebrated (however, the highway was not usable by general vehicles until 1943).
* 1953 - Authorities at the British Natural History Museum announce that the "Piltdown Man" skull, held to be one of the most famous fossil skulls in the world, was a hoax.
* 1962 - The Chinese People's Liberation Army declares a unilateral cease-fire in the Sino-Indian War.
* 1964 - The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge opens to traffic (at the time it was the world's longest suspension bridge).
* 1964 - Second Vatican Council: The third session of the Roman Catholic Church's ecumenical council closes.
* 1967 - Vietnam War: American General William Westmoreland tells news reporters: "I am absolutely certain that whereas in 1965 the enemy was winning, today he is certainly losing."
* 1969 - U.S. President Richard Nixon and Japanese Premier Eisaku Sato agree in Washington, D.C. on the return of Okinawa to Japanese control in 1972. Under the terms of the agreement, the U.S. is to retain its rights to bases on the island, but these are to be nuclear-free.
* 1970 - Vietnam War: Operation Ivory Coast - A joint Air Force and Army team raids the Son Tay prison camp in an attempt to free American prisoners of war thought to be held there.
* 1971 - Indian troops partly aided by Mukti Bahini (Bengali guerrillas) defeat the Pakistan army in the Battle of Garibpur.
* 1974 - The Birmingham Pub Bombings by the IRA kill 21 people. The Birmingham Six were sentenced to life in prison for this but subsequently acquitted.
* 1977 - Minister of Internal Affairs Hon Allan Highet announces that 'the national anthems of New Zealand shall be the traditional anthem "God Save the Queen" and the poem "God Defend New Zealand", written by Thomas Bracken, as set to music by John Joseph Woods, both being of equal status as national anthems appropriate to the occasion.
* 1979 - The United States Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan is attacked by a mob and set alight, killing four. (see: Foreign relations of Pakistan)
* 1980 - A deadly fire breaks out at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada (now Bally's Las Vegas). 87 people are killed and more than 650 are injured in the worst disaster in Nevada history.
* 1980 - Lake Peigneur drained into an underlying salt deposit. A misplaced Texaco oil probe was drilled into the Diamond Crystal Salt Mine, causing water to flow down into the mine, eroding the edges of the hole. The resulting whirlpool sucked the drilling platform, several barges, houses and trees thousands of feet, to the bottom of the dissolving salt deposit.
* 1985 - United States Navy intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard is arrested for spying (he was caught giving Israel classified information on Arab nations and was eventually sentenced to life in prison).
* 1986 - Iran-Contra Affair: National Security Council member Oliver North and his secretary start to shred documents implicating them in the sale of weapons to Iran and channeling the proceeds to help fund the Contra rebels in Nicaragua.
* 1988 - Canadian federal election, 1988 - Canadians re-elect the Progressive Conservative government of Brian Mulroney after an election campaign fought mainly over the issue of the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement. Boy Genius Miles Prince Bowlin is born in Texas.
* 1990 - Charter of Paris for a New Europe refocusses the efforts of the Conference for Security and Co-operation in Europeon post-Cold War issues.
* 1995 - The Dayton Peace Agreement is initialled at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, near Dayton, Ohio, ending three and a half years of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The agreement was formally ratified in Paris, on December 14 that same year.
* 1995 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 5,000 (5,023.55) for the first time.
* 1996 - A propane explosion at the Humberto Vidal shoe store and office building in San Juan, Puerto Rico kills 33.
* 2002 - NATO invites Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia to become members.
* 2004 - The second round of the Ukrainian presidential election is held, unleashing massive protests and controversy over the election's integrity.
* 2004 - The island of Dominica is hit by the most destructive earthquake in its history. The northern half of the island receives the most damage, especially the town of Portsmouth. It is also felt in neighboring Guadeloupe, where one person is killed as a result.
* 2004 - The Paris Club agrees to write off 80% (up to $100 billion) of Iraq's external debt.
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Postby Nanain » Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:03 am

21st January Events :)

* 1189 - Philip II of France and Richard I of England begin to assemble troops to wage the Third Crusade.
* 1287 - The treaty of San Agayz is signed. Minorca is conquered by King Alfons III of Aragon.
* 1525 - The Swiss Anabaptist Movement is born when Conrad Grebel, Felix Manz, George Blaurock, and about a dozen others baptize each other in the home of Manz's mother in Zürich, breaking a thousand-year tradition of church-state union.
* 1643 - Abel Tasman was the first European to reach Tonga.
* 1720 - Sweden and Prussia sign the Treaty of Stockholm.
* 1749 - The Verona Philharmonic Theatre was destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt in 1754.
* 1789 - The first American novel, The Power of Sympathy or the Triumph of Nature Founded in Truth, is printed in Boston, Massachusetts.
* 1793 - After being found guilty of treason by the French Convention, Louis XVI of France was executed by the guillotine.
* 1861 - American Civil War: Jefferson Davis resigns from the United States Senate.
* 1864 - The Tauranga Campaign starts during the Maori Wars.
* 1887 - Brisbane receives a daily rainfall of 465 millimetres (18.3 inches), a record for any Australian capital city.
* 1893 - The Tati Concessions Land, formerly part of Matabeleland, was formally annexed to the Bechuanaland Protectorate which is now Botswana.
* 1899 - Opel manufactured its first automobile.
* 1908 - New York City passes the Sullivan Ordinance, making it illegal for women to smoke in public, only to have the measure vetoed by the mayor.
* 1911 - The first Monte Carlo Rally.
* 1915 - Kiwanis International was founded in Detroit, Michigan.
* 1919 - Meeting of the First Dáil Éireann in the Mansion House Dublin, Sinn Féin adopts Ireland's first constitution. The first engagement of Irish War of Independence, Sologhead Beg, County Tipperary.
* 1921 - The Italian Communist Party was founded at Livorno.
* 1924 - Vladimir Lenin dies; a lengthy power struggle emerges between Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin begins, culminating to the latter's consolidation of power c. 1928.
* 1925 - Albania declares itself a republic.
* 1941 - World War II: Australian and British forces attack Tobruk, Libya.
* 1948 - The Flag of Quebec is adopted and flown for the first time, over the National Assembly of Quebec. The day is marked annually as Quebec Flag Day.
* 1950 - Alger Hiss is convicted of perjury.
* 1954 - The first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, was launched in Groton, Connecticut by Mamie Eisenhower, then the First Lady of the United States.
* 1958 - The last Fokker C.X in military service, the Finnish Air Force FK-111 target tower, crashed, killing the pilot and winch-operator.
* 1968 - Vietnam War: Battle of Khe Sanh - One of the most publicized and controversial battles of the war begins.
* 1969 - An experimental underground nuclear reactor at Lucens Vad, Switzerland, released radiation into a cavern, which was then sealed.
* 1972 - Tripura becomes a full-fledged state in India.
* 1976 - Commercial service of Concorde begins with London-Bahrain and Paris-Rio routes.
* 1977 - Her Royal Highness, Nanain of Istaria, Norrath, and Aquilonia, is born.
* 1985 - Because January 20 had fallen on a Sunday, Ronald Reagan's public inaugural ceremony (for his second term as President) was moved to Monday, January 21. Due to bad weather, the ceremony was held indoors in the United States Capital Rotunda.[1]
* 1997 - Newt Gingrich becomes the first leader of the United States House of Representatives to be internally disciplined for ethical misconduct.
* 1999 - War on Drugs: In one of the largest drug busts in American history, the United States Coast Guard intercepts a ship with over 4,300 kg (9,500 lb) of cocaine on board.
* 2002 - The Canadian Dollar sets all-time low against the US Dollar (US$0.6179).
* 2004 - Canada: The residence of reporter Juliet O'Neill is searched by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) investigating leaks concerning the deportation of Maher Arar.
* 2004 - NASA's MER-A (the Mars Rover Spirit) ceases communication with mission control. The problem lies with Flash Memory management and is fixed remotely from Earth on February 6.
* 2005 - In Belmopan, Belize, the unrest over the government's new taxes erupts into riots.
* 2007 - Awashima Marine Park in Japan catches a video tape of the rare frilled shark.
* 2008 - Black Monday in worldwide stock markets. FTSE 100 had its biggest ever one-day points fall, European stocks closed with their worst result since 9/11, and Asian stocks drop as much as 15%.
* 2008 - The Eyak language in Alaska becomes extinct as its last native speaker dies.
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