Guild Rules have been updated. NB!! Mandatory read !

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Guild Rules have been updated. NB!! Mandatory read !

Postby Debillus » Thu Mar 30, 2006 9:51 pm

Quoting the guild rules :

<center>"These guild rules are subject to modification and/or additions. All JoKeRs are held accountable for knowing them regardless of changes."</center>

Version 2.0 is up. Please read the entire set of rules.

The old 3-split rules/questionnaire have been merged into this one single post. Some old references have been removed. A new section regarding Ventrilo has been added, and the entire post has been updated to reflect the guild as of today.

You can find the new guild rules in the Application forum.

JoKeRs may discuss and comment on the rules in this post.

On behalf of the officers.
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