New Server, and a little mishap

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New Server, and a little mishap

Postby Debillus » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:29 am

So, the new server is in. Or rather, the same physical machine hasn't changed at all, but the Virtual server running on it, that is our webserver, has.

The original virtual server was "built" back sometime in '04 when i took my old webserver (a physical one) down and got annoyed with not having the opportunity to reuse my old configuration but having to re-install everything from scratch. VMWare (Virtual Machine-Ware) offered a possibility of configuring a server with full physical hardware independence This offered a great level of moveability, a feature that i have used several times since, upgrading hardware, moving the server temporarily to another platform etc. and not even the MAC address of the virtual networkadapter has changed doing so. And I could go on and on about why i love VMWare, but will cut it short with this.

Now, one drawback is also worth mentioning. As i freeze in time the hardware layout of a virtual server, I also don't get many of the beneficial updates done to the physical host. During its lifespan, my webserver has moved from a 800 MHz Pentium III running Windows 2000 on 512MB RAM over a Pentium IV with 1 GB RAM on Windows XP to the current server which is a Core2Duo with 4GB RAM running Windows Server 2003, 64 Bit. But yet, until yesterday, the virtual machine never changed from its original Pentium III configuration, running Windows Server 2003 on a single CPU in 32bit mode.

Yesterday, this changed and the hardware of the Web server now matches that of the host. This is a completely fresh reinstallation of the operating system and it's application components.

What you will hopefully see is a significant boost in performance during peak times and hopefully this will also address the time-out problem we have been fighting as of late. I still think i'm dealing with an ISP issue here, but this move can't hurt trying to get wiser.


PS. Oh, and the little mishap, almost forgot.
I accidentally had set the date of the new server to the 25th, when it is fact was the 24th. This means that the forums are currently a little confused. If you posted on the fake 25th, you will need to kill that post and repost it if you wanna be able to post again before we pass that time of the day that will make the forum think you are not trying to flood post stuff.
Also, the 'Currently online' section on the front page is quite certain that everybody who logged in since yesterday sometime is still online.
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