Are you JoKeR material ?

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Are you JoKeR material ?

Postby Gninja » Tue Jan 31, 2006 9:01 am


So if you have been wanting to join up with us take this opportunity to join our ranks! We have a somewhat lengthy recruiting process but that is to ensure we get the right kind of people into our mix of fucktards :p

We are currently looking for fun and energetic people who love to group but do not gripe about not getting groups all the time. Don't be fully guild dependant and we will make sure you are taken care of. How much you play is not an issue as we do not require raid attendance nor do we require you to play a certain amount of hours. We are a family guild who happens to raid when we have enough online.

For us, being Jokers is bigger than the game. The fact that we play this game is secondary to the fact that we play the game together. In many definitions of the word, we truly are a family here. This doesn't mean we dont have goals and we'll gladly enable ourselves to raid the biggest mob in the game if that's in the cards, but our main objective is to have fun together playing our favorite game. Being Ubah is hollow if you have noone to share it with.

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