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Guild Rules / Application Info (Mistmoore)

Postby Debillus » Thu Mar 30, 2006 9:22 pm

So you wanna be a Joker ?

Well, we feel obliged to welcome you but before you apply you will need to familiarize yourself with our history, our guild structure, our code of conduct and the few non negotionable rules by which we function and prosper.

We are an online gaming guild that has been together since 1997 during the days of Tanarus. We have participated, and still do in some, in many online games such as America's Army Online, Dark Ages of Camelot, EverQuest, StarWars Galaxies, EverQuest II and World of Warcraft we want to stay a family and close friends. Therefor it is a need to not become so big that the family atmosphere goes away.

Also, Jokers Wild is currently addressing the high level content of the game as first priority. Rather than setting a level cap, we will much rather welcome you in, but let you know that you are expected to level and play the game yourself. The current focus range of guild events and other official activites addresses levels 70 to 80. While this doesn't mean that we will never help you (which we will most likely do anyway), you can not expect to be power leveled or catered for in any special way and are expected to pull your own weight. That being said, Jokers Wild is currently populated with players of all levels so you should not have much trouble finding other Jokers to group with.

These guild rules are subject to modification and/or additions. All JoKeRs are held accountable for knowing them regardless of changes.

Basic Rules:
  • You will accept these rules unconditionally when you are a member of this Guild. When in doubt ask an officer!
  • You will follow orders given to you by your Leader and Officers, at all times.
  • You will be present at the Guild-Forum at least twice a week to be informed about the most important issues of the Guild.
  • You will treat everyone, even the ones you do not like, with respect.
  • You will never intentionally kill-steal, train other players or mess up other players efforts or work.
  • Nor will you cheat or exploit. If you find a cheat or exploit you will tell the Guild Leader and he/she will let you know the appropriate channels in which to bring it to the dev team’s attention.
  • If you have any problems 'whatsoever' with people within or outside the Guild, please contact an Officer directly -- Flaming in guild chat, on Ventrilo or on the Forums is not a viable option.
  • Never forget that you represent JoKeRs, so at all times you will act responsible in and outside the Game. -- Yes you are allowed to voice your opinion but keep it civil.
  • We do NOT sell within the Guild, either you hand down to those that could use within Guild or sell outside the Guild. If the member wishes to “tipâ€￾ that is up to them.
  • We expect of you, to learn, to be self-sufficient; it's vital that you know how survive when asked to move from point A to B.
  • We are NOT there to power level you, though we do promote grouping up to learn how we cope under any circumstances.

Violation of these rules will end in either a warning or an immediate removal from the Guild, depending on the amount of violations and the seriousness of it.

JoKeRs WilD's policy when it comes to Mains/Alts are that you have your main character (i.e. the character you play the most) tagged in JoKeRs WilD. We do allow members to have alts in other guilds for what ever reasons they see fit but remember the person holds the JoKeR tag that doesn't mean every single one of your character has to. Editted 11 March 09 by Gninja

Please make sure that you read and understand all the rules of Jokers Wild.

30days Trial period
If you get invited in the guild, you are on a 30 days trial membership. You have all rights any other member has.
Except when loot decisions are made, full members get priority on loots. If no full members need the loot then it is filtered down to initiates. While on trial you have limited access to the Jokers Wild forums.

Get to know the guild, as we want to get to know you, post a hello, and join any events you can. Simply be a good member.
You have 30 days to convince the Guild of your person as we will decide over you after those 30 days.

If you pass the trial, you will be a full member of the Jokers.

The Trial period can be shortened or lengthened at officer discretion.

Game Handle and Team Handle Tag
JoKeRs wear the tag as a token of honor and they wear it with pride. It is expected that ALL JoKeR members have this tag, to do otherwise suggests a lack of pride in being on our team. This means instead of using /anon use /roleplay as the only difference is /roleplay still shows guild tag while hiding race/class/level.

These are basic rules of conduct. When you wear the JoKeR title/tag you represent us... please keep that in mind. After all if you are trying to hide the guild tag you are probably doing something stupid and you know it :p

Additional rules:

* You must have chosen one character to be your main, and registered on these forums with that name. If you already registered with another name contact a Site Admin to have it renamed.
  • You are a fun loving person/player: In JoKeRs we are interested in the person as well as the player. You might be the best player in the game but if your attitude sucks then we don't want ya. No offense.
  • You don't mind helping others: This doesn't mean power leveling it's a simple judge of character. We are a guild as such we want to do things together. We really aren't interested in a player that is going to spend 100% of his time solo in the game. Come out and have some fun with us.
  • You are an Honest and Trustworthy person: If you can't trust the guy standing next to you then who can you trust?
  • You know how to play your class and/or are open to criticism: We don't expect anyone to be a master at everything that is Everquest but if someone tries to give you a suggestion don't take offense take note as they are probably just trying to help.
  • You can take a joke: They don't call us Jokers for nothing, we are a bunch of clowns and we like to joke around. If you are easily offended this may not be the place for you. On that note we will never degrade you based on religious beliefs, race, or sexual preference.
  • You are not a drama King/Queen: One thing that will get you kicked out quick... Cause drama... We are all here to have a good time playing a game. Distract from the fun of the game and you can hang your hat in another guild. We plain and simple don't want to deal with it. If something does come up that could cause drama you better be willing to sit down and talk it out like an adult regardless how old you are.
  • You can keep your cool: Getting mad is one thing... Taking it out on someone is another. If you are mad at something someone has done talk it out after the fact give yourself some time to calm down. We would much rather you just keep quiet till there is time to sort it out. Once again handle it like an Adult.

  • We communicate through, and rely heavily on the Ventrilo VoIP communication program. All Jokers are strongly encouraged (allthough not required) to download and use Ventrilo. Once tagged, visit the Ventrilo Forum for more information on how to get online.
  • Ventrilo is no different to chatting in /gu. What applies for all other communication channels applies here as well.
  • At any time an Officer can ask you to leave the server or move to a different more appropriate channel. During raids certain channels might be used for certain people so please do what the officers tell you to do during those times.

Guild Hierarchy:
  • One Guild leader
  • 4-8 Guild Officers/Advisors - depending on guild numbers
  • 2-3 Guild event leaders
  • As many Guild members as we can without losing the family atmosphere
All decisions that affect the entire guild will be voted on by the entire guild.

Officers code of conduct:

To be an Officer is a privilege, and also an honored-job.

Some requirements of Event Leaders will be to lead a number of raids, contests and tournaments on "a monthly" basis. Officers will be given Responsibilities and Tasks to run and maintain an aspect of the guild like recruitment, bank items, their class, updating the website. All with very little reward, other then the satisfaction of helping run the guild smoothly.

Being an officer does not make you special, it makes you responsible. To be responsible for the guild, the members and everything around it, we expect you to follow the same rules as the members. But ... There are some extra tasks that come with your responsibility.

Deguilding: An officer can at any time deguild a member. To do so the officer must be 100% sure that the member violated one or more of the core rules of the JoKeRs. And that keeping the member guilded before discussing it with other officers/leader would cause detriment to the guild. If this is the case then the officer can deguild a member without the need to clarify this during the online game presence. The officer does have to write a post explaining the deguild process and the rules that have been violated. The officer also needs screenshots and/or multiple (means more then 1) witnesses of the event.

Assigning loot: When loot drops during official events it will be assigned by the loot master. The how and why is explained in several posts and in the rules. In case there is a small event that is arranged for 1 person (or big event for that matter) loot can be designated for 1 person.
For example: Person A asks help for a named because he/she wants a drop. The request is honored and everyone heads out to that event. If the item drops then person A will receive the item without discussion. If the item does not drop, then all loot gained on this even is given to those who participated the person for whom the event was called has priority on loot after all regular members but before initiates.

Application Time:

Ok with those basic things said, if you still think you would like to join us, then you will need to create a new post in this forum and copy/paste the following questionnaire into this post, and answer the questions.

(Remember that your forum username must equal the name of the character you are applying with)

1. What is your in game name?

2. What is your Real Life age?

3. What is the highest level of the characters you play?

4. What are the current classes of the characters you play?

5. Are you concidered a respectable member of the EQ2 Mistmoore community?

6. Are you more of a person to pick or be picked on? And can you take it?

7. Have you been in any previous guilds in EQ2? (Outside of JoKeRs)

8. What other games have you played?

9. Where are you from/live currently?

10. What time zone are you in?

11. Do you have a Gnome fetish? (no details please)

12. Did you know that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star has the same beat as the ABCs song?

13. Stop Singing...

14. What kind of character do you think you are? Achiever? Explorer? etc.

15. In 100 words or less explain why you think you would be a valid member of JoKeRs and what you can offer us.

16. Have you read the JoKeRs Rules and Regulations?

17. What is the one thing that will get you kicked out of JoKeRs quick? (Refer to guild rules)

Once you have answered these questions please post the application using your name/class/level in the title. Your application will then be taken into consideration and you can contact an officer in game for a tag or an explaination why you would not be tagged.

For a current list of Officers for which you can contact, click here

Remember. EQ2 is a much more strategic game then EQ1 so we will have to be more picky on just who we allow into the guild. Don't get your feelings hurt if you get denied as you will only get denied if we have a good reason.

Thanks and good luck on your Application!

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