The NFL’s trade deadline is nearly here. All trades must be

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The NFL’s trade deadline is nearly here. All trades must be

Postby panxing18 » Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:57 am

M Eastern time on Tuesday , October 30th, and writers for outlets all over are trying to project some ideas of trades that would make sense around the league.Naturally, they’re going to get some things wrong, and one of the biggest outlets,, has a major trade idea involving the Green Bay Packers that looks patently absurd for both the Green and Gold as well as their potential trading partner. Here’s the proposed trade: the Packers send safety Josh Jones and a conditional late-round draft pick to the Buffalo Bills for running back LeSean McCoy.From the Bills’ perspective, acquiring a safety makes little to no sense. ESPN’s Mike Sando, who put forth the idea, quotes an anonymous talent evaluator when discussing Jones’ fit in Buffalo: “Jones could be a safety or dime ‘backer and a nice pickup for Buffalo.”However, Matt Warren of SB Nation blog Buffalo Rumblings described his take on the situation to APC:Beyond the lack of sense for the Bills Bryan Bulaga Jersey , there’s the question of why the Packers would want to acquire McCoy. Here are the two notable quotes that Sando gathered from anonymous league sources, regarding the Packers’ offense:(Emphasis added by APC.)The problems with these lines of reasoning are legion. First of all, if you hardly even know Aaron Jones, then you haven’t been paying attention to the Packers’ offense between week three of 2017 and today — it’s as simple as that. Jones is absolutely a dynamic playmaker, as his breakouts against the Cowboys and Saints last season demonstrated. Sure, he does not have a 100-yard day yet this season, but you can thank Mike McCarthy and the coaching staff rather than Jones himself. And although Sando’s article points to the safety on Sunday as an example of the Packers’ poor running game, he and his sources need only look one quarter later at Jones’ 33-yard touchdown to see an example of dynamic running happening in this offense.Using Jones as the featured runner and pairing him with a tough, physical runner like Jamaal Williams — particularly when both players can catch the ball out of the backfield — is a fine recipe for an effective running game with Aaron Rodgers under center. The problem isn’t the personnel, it’s how the coaching staff is using them Cheap Kevin King Jersey , an issue that would not be solved by the arrival of a 30-year old back. Besides, the Packers came into week 8 with the fifth-ranked rushing offense by DVOA. Would McCoy improve that number up into the top two or three, and if he did, would it make any significant difference?Then there’s McCoy’s contract. While Jones, Williams, and Ty Montgomery are all on their rookie deals — and the first two being in just their second seasons — McCoy comes with a huge price tag. He would be owed about $6.5 million in salary next season, and he’s still due about $3 million over the rest of this year. Can you imagine a team with Russ Ball holding the purse strings being willing to dish out that kind of money for a running back on the wrong side of 30?Adding a further complication to this is the fact that McCoy is currently in the concussion protocol, though he may end up being cleared to play tonight against the New England Patriots.Fundamentally, this trade idea is based on a lack of knowledge about the Packers’ current running backs and how the team does business. The compensation for Buffalo is also a flawed, failing to understand the workings of that team’s defense. It should serve as a reminder that an active trade market in the NFL is still a new concept , and the media has not yet caught up to the dynamics of the market — nor do national writers or their sources really have any feel for how individual teams tend to operate.Tuesday Cheese Curds: Packers need to adapt with inconsistent pass rush If one thing has become clear about the Green Bay Packers’ defense after two weeks, it’s that there is a lack of a consistent pass rush.This isn’t too surprising, given the depth chart going into and then after the offseason but it’s something the Packers and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine are going to have to adapt to as the season wears on.Of course, the NFL all but outlawing proper tackling technique doesn’t help either but Green Bay defenders aren’t getting home consistently anyway. Still, the hope was the defensive line of Mike Daniels, Kenny Clark and Mohammed Wilkerson would be more than enough the alleviate the woes outside.While Clark is wrecking everything in his path and Daniels and Wilkerson have both had their moments, the interior pass rush isn’t opening lanes like many thought. Pettine did choose extra coverage over a pass rush against Mitchell Trubisky and Kirk Cousins and both players put up big numbers (though Cousins’ would have been reduced by roughly 150 yards had the game ended when it should have). Now Pettine will have to adjust. This is what doomed his predecessor, not adjusting when needed or doing so too late. It’s doubtful Pettine will fall into the same trap, but it still beats watching.You can read more on the lack of pass rush and more in today’s cheese curds.Analysis: With inside rush lacking, Packers’ Mike Pettine must adjustEveryone thought the defensive line would be a strength for Green Bay this season and it has been to an extent but they’re still not helping develop a pass rush Cheap Kenny Clark Jersey , interior or exterior. Packers appreciate Aaron Rodgers ‘laying it on the line’—Packers.comObvious headlines are obvious, but Rodgers’ surprising mobility and toughness elevated his team’s play. Packers getting RB Aaron Jones back from suspension in Week 3–Packers WireJamaal Williams did decent work as the starting running back the first two weeks of the season, but Jones is the best running back on the team. The options Green Bay now has with both backs and the underappreciated Ty Montgomery will make the offense an even bigger handful for opposing defenses.NFL’s Green Bay Packers need to revamp ticket policy for infants, new mom says—FOX NewsThe Packers are one of only six teams to require a ticket for all attendees, even infants. Most other teams have a height and age restriction as to who can enter the game free as a lap child. For a team know as being a small-town, tight-knit community maybe it’s time for them to join the 21st century and update this policy?Wandering cat causes power outage in New Orleans—UPI.comI’m admittedly a dog person and that’s because cats can sometimes be the devil incarnate. Don’t let their cuteness fool you. They can be just as deadly as the rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That cat has a mean streak a mile wide!
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