There's plenty of new Legends are being added for MLB 19

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There's plenty of new Legends are being added for MLB 19

Postby mmocs » Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:49 am

The other new mode in MLB 19 is called March to October. That sounds like it could be a rebranding of the old Season mode, which developer Sony San Diego removed in last year’s MLB The Show 18. (Baseball’s regular season runs from the end of March through September, followed by postseason play in October.) A screen in the trailer shows the 30 MLB clubs split into four tiers (“favorites,” “contenders,” “underdogs,” and “longshots”), with players having to choose a specific team and a difficulty level on the subsequent screens.

Bryce Harper is this year’s cover athlete. Harper recently signed a 13-year contract worth a staggering $330 million with the Philadelphia Phillies, which is a record high in terms of overall contract value in MLB history. Sony will now have to scramble to get the cover art ready for the game’s launch. It’ll be interesting to see if first printings of the game will show Harper in Phillies gear, or if the situation will mirror what happened with NBA 2K18 cover star Kyrie Irving.

Harper has spent his entire professional career as the right fielder for the Washington Nationals. He's now a free agent, however, and is expected to sign a lucrative contract with a new team in the weeks or months to come. Once that deal is done, you can expect Sony to update the cover art for MLB The Show 19 with Harper's decision. Buy MLB 19 Stubs from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

For years, pitchers took a beating on the mound from balls hit back at them. Overall, it happened too frequently, and when it did, the pitcher was almost never hurt badly enough to leave the game. It felt more like a useless delay. According to the stream, that will happen far less. It was said, in playtesting, those occurrences were either nonexistent or greatly reduced.

There's plenty of new Legends that are being added for this year's iteration of the game. Jimmie Foxx was revealed in the livestream above as a new Legend, as was catcher Ivan Rodriguez, but the San Diego devs are set to add over 30 new legends for MLB The Show 19, which marks the most Legends added to the game in a single year. Towards the end of February, a few new Legends were revealed to be joining MLB The Show 19 in April. Jason Kendall and Rob Dibble have just been confirmed for the game, as well as outfielder Andruw Johns, and Cliff Lee.

This is an especially exciting year for us here. We’re thrilled to welcome a new class of Legends to the team, including some all-time greats, and even more excited to show you what else we have in store in MLB The Show 19! In the meantime, please make sure to check The Show Nation, our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts between now and March 26 for the latest updates.
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